Angel Stadium: Anaheim Mayor Weighs In On Priorities For Angels Lease Talks
By: Alicia Robinson
Date: August 27, 2019

“Fair market value for city land, ongoing revenue to pay for city services and public benefits such as workforce housing and parks were among the things Mayor Harry Sidhu said he’ll be looking for.

Any deal to keep the Angels playing in Anaheim’s stadium should benefit the community by adding parks and affordable housing, offering residents well-paying construction jobs, and creating an ongoing source of revenue to fund city services, Mayor Harry Sidhu said Tuesday, Aug. 27.

Sidhu made the remarks at his first-ever press conference – barely an hour ahead of a City Council meeting where the stadium lease was on the agenda at the behest of Councilman Jose Moreno. Moreno has been calling for a public conversation of what Anaheim should seek in the negotiations and wanted a discussion of the process so far and future priorities.

…Until now, Sidhu has said little publicly about what he wants in an Angels deal, aside from the importance of keeping the team from leaving the city.

On Tuesday, he again stressed keeping the Angels local, saying the city stands to lose “thousands of jobs, millions of dollars in annual revenue, global exposure for Anaheim and a decades-long partnership.”

But he also made clear he wants “fair market prices” for any land sold or leased to team owner Arte Moreno for development, and community benefits such as affordable units as part of any housing that’s built, parks and open space, a grocery and other neighborhood businesses to serve the Platinum Triangle, and a continued stream of revenue for the city’s general fund.

Sidhu didn’t elaborate on whether that revenue could come from a bigger cut of ticket sales or parking, or from advertising and concessions (100 percent of which goes to the Angels now).

Sidhu said city leaders should resist the temptation of selling the land for “short-term gain.”

The city commissioned an appraisal of the stadium and surrounding parking lots, but officials have said it’s a draft and doesn’t need to be publicly disclosed.

The city’s agreement with appraiser Steve R. Norris & Associates asks for the stadium land value in three scenarios: two in which the Angels remain and the city provides either 12,500 or 6,250 parking spaces during games; and one in which the lease simply ends Dec. 31, 2020….


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