Sidhu Campaign For Mayor In Full Swing

Over the past few months, I have met with many Anaheim residents. They have opened their homes and invited their friends and neighbors to talk with me. I have listened to their concerns and I am more committed than ever to do everything in my power to make Anaheim a city that residents and businesses can once again be proud to call their home!

Our Campaign Update

For the past two months, my campaign team and I have made direct contact with more voters than any campaign in Anaheim history. In the process we have garnered support from thousands of residents all over Anaheim. Our team of volunteers are working hard alongside me and my family for a victory in November!

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Around The Community

West Anaheim Neighborhood Development Council

I have attended numerous West Anaheim Neighborhood Development Council meetings, and the number one issue in West Anaheim is homelessness. I am dedicated to working with the city, state, and federal governmental agencies to find a fair and compassionate solution to the homeless problem. We should no longer have to avoid parks and community places due to this issue.

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Needle Exchange Program: Not In My City

On August 23, I was the only mayoral candidate to speak out on behalf of Anaheim residents at a Town Hall meeting held in Downtown Anaheim by the Orange County Needle Exchange Program. Sacramento is trying to force this program on the City of Anaheim, offering 20 clean needles in exchange for 1 dirty needle. In no way does this do anything to curtail the rampant drug issue among the homeless that are living on our streets. This program was already kicked out of Santa Ana earlier this year by City officials because of its failures, including losing track of a quarter million needles. Unlike many of my fellow mayoral candidates, I do not support this program and will fight this program from being brought to Anaheim.

Anaheim Hills Upper Festival Center Is No Place For 300 Apartments

On September 20, I was the only mayoral candidate to speak at a Town Hall meeting held in Anaheim Hills, where I spoke in opposition to a proposal to construct 300 apartments in the Upper Festival Center. This apartment complex would replace the Edwards Cinemas and the 24 Hour Fitness. The roads around the Upper Festival Center are simply not equipped to handle that much traffic on a normal basis, and this would be even worse in a wildfire evacuation situation. Additionally, Anaheim Hills is lacking in commercial space, and building an excessive number of apartments there would only exacerbate the ratio of residential to commercial.

Green Bird Clean Up Day

On September 8, I spent the morning helping the Green Bird organization pick up trash throughout the Anna Drive neighborhood. It is important that grass roots organizations such as this one be given support by residents to help clean up our city. We are all in this together!

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Events Recently Attended

Needle Exchange Town Hall Meeting in Downtown Anaheim
Public Safety Meeting in West Anaheim
Anaheim Hills Community Council Town Hall Meeting on the Festival Center
West Anaheim Neighborhood Development (WAND) Council Meetings – August & September
Anaheim Veterans Cemetery Advisory Group
League of Women Voters Mayoral Forum

Meet & Greet in West Anaheim hosted by the Scott Family
Meet & Greet in Anaheim Hills hosted by Lindsay Hurley
Meet & Greet in Colony District hosted by Michelle Lieberman
Meet & Greet in West Anaheim hosted by Sally Feldhaus
Meet & Greet in Anaheim Hills hosted by Natalie Meeks
Meet & Greet along with Trevor O’Neil in District 6

Green Bird Clean Up Day on Anna Drive
APD National Night Out
Concert on the Green – Dad Miller Park
Palm Lane Charter School Grand Opening
Anaheim Free Concert – Pearson Park Amphitheater
Anaheim Beautiful Luncheon
Anaheim Halloween Parade Fundraiser BBQ
Miss Anaheim Fall Festival outgoing court event
Grand Opening of Affordable Appliances in West Anaheim
Peralta Hills Estates Improvement Association Fundraiser
Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser
Harry Sidhu for Anaheim Mayor Campaign Office Opening


* Partial Listing *
Anaheim Firefighters Association
Anaheim Police Association
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC
Orange County Taxpayers Association PAC
OCBC (Orange County Business Council)
Lincoln Club of Orange County
CWLA (California Women’s Leadership Association) PAC

Anaheim Councilman Steve Faessel
Anaheim Councilwoman Lucille Kring
Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray
Former Anaheim Councilwoman Gail Eastman
Former Anaheim Councilwoman Shirley McCracken
Former Anaheim Union High School District Board Member Alexandria Coronado
Orange Unified School District Board Member Andrea Yamasaki
Anaheim Hills Community Council Executive Director Jim Cain
Anaheim Chamber of Commerce Chair Ross McCune

Representative Mimi Walters
State Senate Minority Leader Patricia Bates
Former State Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff
State Senator Janet Nguyen
Former Assembly Minority Leader Bill Campbell
Assemblyman Steven Choi
Assemblyman Matthew Harper
Former Assemblywoman Young Kim
Former Assemblyman Donald P. Wagner
Board of Equalization Member Diane Harkey

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens
Orange County Supervisor Lisa A. Bartlett
Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel

My Plan For Anaheim

Bring Jobs Back To Anaheim

I will make sure our city’s policies help attract jobs and small businesses to Anaheim. I will encourage public-private partnerships to bring business back. We need to make sure that when a business benefits from Anaheim, every Anaheim neighborhood gets the benefits it deserves.

Protecting Our Neighborhoods

I will fight to ensure Police and Fire have the necessary resources to keep Anaheim safe. Our neighborhoods and schools must be safe. We must improve Anaheim’s parks, roads, and traffic. All of Anaheim’s neighborhoods deserve their fair share of City services and improvements.

Solving The Growing Homeless Problem

As a community, we must develop a strong, but compassionate, solution to the growing homeless problem. Homeless people seeking help should be connected with services, but homeless people unwilling to seek help should be required to comply with the law.

Upcoming Events

September 29
Walk with Volunteers for Latino Outreach Project

October 1
Meet and Greet at Palm Lane Park
(1 of 15 Scheduled Meet and Greets)

October 2
Meeting with Anaheim YMCA

October 4
Joint Fundraiser with Trevor O’Neil
Anaheim Chamber of Commerce