As Mayor of Anaheim, Harry Sidhu Will Fight to Keep the Angels

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Date: October 16, 2018

Anaheim, CA – Former Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Harry Sidhu is alarmed by the announcement that the Angels have opted out of their lease with Anaheim. As Mayor, Sidhu will fight to keep the Angels in Anaheim. In response to the Angels announcement, Sidhu stated:

“As Mayor, I will fight to keep the Angels in Anaheim. The Angels are an important asset to Anaheim. I will change the political environment and keep the Angels in Anaheim where they belong.”

“I am disappointed that they felt the need to opt out of the lease and explore their options, but it is not surprising in light of the hostile political environment in Anaheim. It is time for new leadership at City Hall that will work hard to keep our top business partners, jobs, and revenue in Anaheim.”

Anaheim business owner Harry Sidhu is a former Anaheim City Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem. Starting his career as an engineer, Sidhu achieved the American Dream, saving enough money to start a small business which currently employs over 85 people. An avid Angels fan, Sidhu and his wife, Gin, reside in Anaheim, where they raised their two children.