Safe Communities

“I will set a goal to hire 25 new police officers to help ensure neighborhoods are safe, reduce response times, and provide lifesaving help to homes and communities when needed; Support the recently adopted City Council ‘Operation Home Safe’ Resolution by directing available resources and developing compassionate solutions to the growing homeless problem while cleaning-up the unsafe riverbed situation; Encourage enhancement of our City’s emergency management and preparedness operations; and Updating of fire stations and equipment.”



Responsible Economic Development

“We must create tax incentives to encourage further growth and investment in the Platinum Triangle/Stadium District to implement the development vision for this area; Work with Angels Baseball to finalize an agreement to keep them in Anaheim; Advance development of the land between the stadium and Honda Center into an ‘Anaheim Live’ mixed-use entertainment district that would join Honda Center and ARTIC; Establish an economic assistance program to incentivize upgrading of limited service hotels comprising 90% of the Resort District to generate higher average daily room rate, which in turn will generate local tax revenues to our General Fund for community investment; Develop a dedicated fund for West Anaheim neighborhood enhancements and beautification program comparable to the Resort District; and Set a goal of creating 15,000 well-paying jobs and local hiring preferences within the next 5 years.”



Workforce/Affordable Housing

“Anaheim has a high cost of living and many of our families and workers are forced to make long commutes to support Anaheim jobs; We need to entice development of workforce/affordable housing by changing our zoning laws covering at least 100 acres to encourage development of 8,000 workforce housing units both for sale and for rent; Allow ‘Mother-in-Law’ quarters on lot sizes of 7,500 sq. ft. or more; and Set a goal of creating 10,000 jobs over a 10-year period.”